Executives in Residence

TAO Executives in Residence

TAO is proud to present its cohort of Executives in Residence. These seasoned executives are no longer affiliated with a local tech company but are united by a passion to share their many learnings with TAO members looking for guidance on a number of topics from product development to global sales, effective operating strategies, establishing accountability and driving your startup from launch to exit, even IPO.  

Executives in Residence provide guidance and advisory services to TAO Communities and Programs and are available for coaching/ consulting/ mentorship engagements through TAO's membership department.

If you would like to connect with a TAO Executive in Residence, please contact Jerry Gaube, Director of Membership:  jerry.gaube@techoregon.org


Steve Kelly

Senior Sales Leader Driving Revenue Growth.

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Renee Fellman

Award-winning Turnaround Expert and Interim CEO.  Her super-power? Improving profitability at warp speed.

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Steve Pao

Seasoned Tech Exec and board advisor serving early-stage technology companies.

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Rick Campfield

Innovative leader with global executive experience & success in Fortune 100 to family-owned businesses.

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Dave Shanley

Founder. CEO, CTO. Mentor. Passionate about startup success and aligning GtM with Product and Engineering excellence.

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Greg Jorgensen

Global executive with a reputation for building, revitalizing and transforming a wide variety of international and domestic brands.

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Jackie Seto

30 years experience in semiconductor industry in various positions, ranging from manufacturing process engineering, to running marketing and product management for a semi capital equipment company, to running new product lines and leading international teams. 

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Mark Neuhausen

A senior manager/director/VP with experience in product management, program and project management, engineering management, systems engineering, and consulting. Excel at problem-solving and working on the leading edge. 

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