Privacy Policy

We value and protect your privacy and will never sell your personal information.

Our website collects collects the following information from you and your site visits:

  • Event Registration information
  • Registered Company information
  • Any additional information you add to your profile
  • IP Address and Web browser
  • Link tracking and page click-thrus
  • Links directing you to

Privacy Settings
Please carefully check the privacy settings and options associated with your account.

When you register as an TAO site user, your email is automatically added to our weekly email blast. If you wish to unsubscribe, go here or click the unsubscribe link when sent an email. We also use double email opt-in for users not registered on the site.

Who has access to my personal information?
TAO staff and members of our Board will have select access to your personal information, which will be used solely for purposes of serving the TAO. Your personal information will never be distributed outside of the TAO.