Future of Work

Automation will have profound impacts on traditional occupation categories as well as certain tech occupations.  This policy blueprint will use survey data to identify the drivers of technological change to help inform policy makers and education partners as they seek to make investments and develop policies that position Oregon’s students and workforce for future success.  

Companies in our region have the opportunity to contribute by providing input on the future of work and the effects of automation on the tech industry.  

This Policy Blueprint will be used to highlight trends in tech industry occupation categories, relevant education and training programs and resources available in the region, and perspectives from local tech companies regarding the key drivers of technological change.


Tech Company / Industry Data 

Education Partners 

Components of the Blueprint will include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Key Findings of Survey Results and Focus Groups from Tech Industry Leaders
  • Diversity and Inclusion Considerations & Recommendations
  • Summary of Available Education Partner Programs
  • Data Narratives Highlighting Areas of Growth, Contraction and Highlight Key Drivers of Technological Change

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