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Stay on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving tech industry by becoming a member of TAO. We equip our members with resources, connections and opportunities to foster innovation and impact—here and around the world. Our members also enjoy quality business services and discounts to community events, training and conferences.

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  • Small business innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Growth software companies
  • Established technology companies
  • IT and DEV departments in non-tech companies
  • Software and Technology start-ups and early-stage companies
  • Companies and organizations that provide services to the software and technology industry


If you are already a TAO Member —we're glad to have you! If you are not yet a member, we look forward to welcoming you to the growing list of companies and people that make up our incredible TAO community. Recognized as a premier membership organization, we're proud to support hundreds of local tech-inclined businesses and help cultivate an innovation-based economy.

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By joining the Technology Association of Oregon 401(k) Multiple Employer Plan, you can provide an outstanding plan, save money, reduce your fiduciary...

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