PDX Strategy Hack: Workplace Strategy

Event Details

Apr 02, 2019
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
620 NE 19th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232

TAO Member: FREE

Non-Member: $10


Change tends to be uncomfortable because it disrupts the usual customs and routines that are familiar. But when you are running out of space for your growing team, how do you make adjustments to improve workplace performance in an efficient way that shows your team there really is a method to the madness?

Hyphn and Technology Association of Oregon invites you to a Strategy Hack Happy Hour, designed to present a compelling question which event attendees can hack/generate practical solutions as a group, on Tuesday, April 2nd starting at 5:30 pm, to assess some possible approaches to the challenges that occur when planning the workplace of your future.

  • Running out of space for your growing team at the office?

  • Do you lack enough space for

    • Collaboration?

    • Private conversations?

    • Socializing?

  • Does your office have the amenities to attract the staff you need and to retain those already on the team?

  • Does your space support wellbeing and a healthy work day?

  • Do you know what your teammates really want and need in a work space?

If any of these questions sound familiar and you’ve wondered about how to approach challenges like these then this Strategy Hack is for you. And the Hyphn Workplace Strategy Team will be available to collaborate with you to come up with possible solutions for scenarios pertaining to space planning and change management.

This event is only open to practitioners with job functions that fall under the title of Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Facility Manager, or Human Resources.