PDX Lunch & Learn: Using Purpose to Foster Inclusion in Tech

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Sep 05, 2018
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
334 NW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

TAO Member: $10

Non-Member: $25


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The TechTown Diversity Pledge has brought together Portland technology companies with the common goal of achieving greater diversity and creating a more inclusive tech community in the Portland area. One unique way to create a more inclusive tech community and provide methods for internal development is through purpose.

At this Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, September 5th, hosted at CloudabilityImperative will share the approach for an upcoming research study, facilitated in partnership with a leading consulting firm in the D & I space, about the connection between Purpose and Inclusion.

Imperative’s Rachel Kjack will share opportunities for how you can participate in this research and offer actionable advice on how tech companies can use purpose to further their diversity and inclusion efforts.

Attendees will walk away from this interactive lab session with proactive steps you can take immediately to foster a more inclusive culture, an understanding of the connection between purpose-driven work and inclusion, and knowledge of what went wrong and right at other companies so that you can start your efforts with a leg up!




           Rachel Kjack - Director of Talent & Strategy - Imperative
Rachel Kjack joined Imperative in 2016 after running a successful start up in the Bay Area called Social Fluency. Prior to that she was based in Portland helping tech companies develop programs to address their most pressing talent development problems. With 20 years of experience as a woman in the tech industry, she's done everything from mentor and evangelize the rich talent pool that can be found in non-traditional places in our society to develop innovative talent development opportunities for Google employees.

Business Leaders, HR Managers, Chief People Officers, Talent Directors, and anyone interested in learning how to build inclusion in the workplace.

Currently only 33% of the workplace is fulfilled; Imperative’s goal is to help create fulfillment in 66% of the workplace by 2030. Imperative is a Seattle-based technology company founded by the leader of the Purpose Economy movement, Aaron Hurst. Our purpose assessment and platform give employees and managers the tools they need to have meaningful 1:1 and career development conversations.