Central Oregon
Facebook Small Business in a Box with Bud Torcom, Mazama Media

Event Details

Jul 18, 2018
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
1001 Tech Center
Bend, OR 97702



Presented by: Bud Torcom, CEO, Mazama Media and Facebook Small Business Council Member

Brought to you by TAO, BendTECH and the Co-Lab

Every organization needs to stand out from the crowd. Mobile Studio will allow you to do just that for free! In this class, we will give your business new life using video apps, tricks, and hacks. Come with your phone, and leave with your own personal mobile studio to unleash on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. If you sell a tangible object and it’s possible for you to bring it, please do (this isn’t required; it just helps).

Bonus: We will also get into some in-depth how-to training on Facebook Ads Manager.

Learning Objectives/Benefits to Attendees:

  • The first 15 attendees to register will receive a Facebook Mobile Studio gift box!
  • Learn Facebook Mobile Studio
  • Bring your pictures to life with your phone
  • Learn in-depth advertising tactics for Instagram and Facebook
  • Leave your competition scratching their heads wondering how you make your creative

Bend Chamber of Commerce brought this to you on April 19 through their successful Professional Enrichment Series - it was a sell-out crowd so we wanted to repeat the class.