Central Oregon

TAO established a formal presence in the Central Oregon in mid 2016, through a partnership with Economic Department of Central Oregon. Our efforts are guided by the TAO Central Oregon Advisory Board, which is comprised of tech executives from GL Solutions, Five Talent, Agency Revolution, E:Space Labs, Shape.io, Onboard Dynamics, Facebook, Kollective Technologies, GreenFig University, and Amplion. Lane County Tech Industry Facts

  • Number of tech companies: 100+
  • Number of tech employees: 1,400
  • Total payroll: ~$110,000,000
  • Highest average wage of any other sector
  • Fastest projected wage growth of any other sector
  • Bend recognized nationally as a Top 10 up and coming tech city

Recent Initiatives Include:

  • Talent Retention and Internships
  • TAO STEAM community
  • Advocacy
  • Events including Tech Talk Series, CEO RoundTable Series, and Talent Development Summit